Cherry Logistics is a leading provider of high quality, dependable
commercial facility maintenance and transportation and logistics services.

Cherry Logistics Services

Whichever service you need, all of our work is overseen by a diverse group of experts with years of experience in their field.
Every member of our project leadership team has a career history of working on both sides of the field.

Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services

We understand the importance of keeping your facilities safe, clean and efficient and we deliver reliable, consistent maintenance services.

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Transportation & Logistics

When it comes to freight, timing is everything. Our transportation division is dedicated to delivering your cargo from point A to point B efficiently. Period.

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Weather Forecasting

Any business whose operations are either directly or indirectly affected by the weather can benefit from our on-staff Meteoroligist services.

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Commercial Construction Services

Cherry Logistics delivers a wide range of construction solutions specific to repairing and maintaining retail facilities through many qualified vendors.

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Facilities Risk Management

We care about your business and property. We expect strive to provide a level of service that meets your expectations and provide assurance that you deserve.

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Cherry Logistics: Performance Leader in
Facilities Maintenance

What we do for you

Through the use of our proprietary software, our commercial inspections service provides valuable information with an accurate and timely Facility Condition Assessment report. This guaranteed data can support various business needs including Corporate Acquisitions, Tripe Net Lease Move Out Reports, Tenant Baselines, Portfolio Transactions, Due Diligence and Annual Budgets. Our reports include a traditional budget-friendly spreadsheet, geo located damage, and a collaborative online database. We can exceed typical completion rates in a standard 30-day due diligence period as a result of our unique software and timeliness.

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