Cherry Logistics Completes Innovative Lighting Project for Cutting-Edge Illinois Manufacturer

ADMO Inc., Manufacturer of Plastic Injection-Molded Parts and Assemblies, Projects Cost Savings and Reduced Pollution Footprint

Chicago, Illinois – (May 02, 2014) Cherry Logistics, a performance leader in comprehensive facilities maintenance, today announced the completion of an interior lighting upgrade project for ADMO Inc, an Elgin, Illinois-based manufacturer of injection-molded plastic parts. The company projects cost savings with the new lighting, as well as reduced pollution impact equivalent to the planting of 17 acres of trees.

ADMO’s management had been receiving employee suggestions for improving lighting. At the request of owner Matt Krieps, Cherry Logistics performed a thorough assessment of the existing system and proposed removal of 50 existing 400w metal halide high bay fixtures and replacement with a layout of 60 four-lamp T5 high-output fluorescent fixtures—50 of which would be equipped with energy-saving motion sensor technology.

“Our plant runs 24/6, so it was critical for the Cherry Logistics team to complete the project without disrupting our operations,” said Krieps. “We were impressed that they were able to do just that, designing and installing a new system which provides optimal lighting, reduced environmental impact and a predictable ROI.”

About Cherry Logistics Corporation:

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