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About Cherry Logistics

Our Foundation

Cherry Logistics Corporation was founded in 2003 as a commercial snow removal service with the mission to provide clients in the Midwest with efficient, responsive and dependable snow removal services. As we continued to deliver on our promise and better understand our clients’ needs and expectations, we identified the value of offering our clients a more comprehensive facilities maintenance approach with the same integrity and efficient processes they had come to expect from us. With fully integrated exterior and interior facilities maintenance services from Cherry Logistics, our clients can now count on the same trusted service for all commercial property maintenance needs. Our on-staff metrological weather forecasting combined with a robust work order management system offers our clients a service package unmatched by any other service providers in the marketplace.

Expert Knowledge

All our services are overseen by a diverse group of experts with years of experience in their respective fields. This diverse team includes managers and executives with experience in small, medium and big box retail facilities management, restaurant management, insurance, meteorology, landscape maintenance, snow removal, electrical, commercial real estate and commercial construction.

Partnerships with Facilities Maintenance Service Professionals

We carefully assess, select and monitor our service provider partners to ensure the best quality services for our clients. We hold our nationwide network of professional contractors to very rigid standards. We guarantee that each has:

  •    Extensive experience in their field of service
  •    An excellent reputation as local service provider
  •    Proven track record
  •    Necessary insurance protection
  •    Experience with finer points of safety and risk prevention
Phone: (630) 859-3308
Toll Free: (855) 7-CHERRY