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National Service Locations

National Presence with Local Response

Take the guess work out of your facilities maintenance issues. Cherry Logistics delivers a national footprint, a local response and a standardized pricing structure. You know us and we know you. Our insurance coverage is in place and we list you as additionally insured.

When you use various contractors for different scopes in unrelated markets you are tempting fate. The chances of one of those companies not having proper insurance, not showing up or perhaps, doing more bad than good increase each time you roll the dice and add another player to the game. Communication is key. We keep you in the loop on when we’re coming, what we’re doing and what the end results are. Those are the nuts and bolts of Facilities Maintenance. These are the things you WANT and NEED to know. Experience Facilities Maintenance the way it was meant to be experienced!

Phone: (630) 859-3308
Toll Free: (855) 7-CHERRY