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Facilities Risk Management Services

Protecting Your Business with Facilities Risk Management Services

At Cherry Logistics, we strive to provide legal Facilities Risk Management services for our clients. If there is an accident related to the services we provide, Cherry Logistics and its team will help assess the liability on your behalf, helping to minimize risks toward your company and control cost and the distraction of handling a claim. This comprehensive insurance package is incorporated as part of Cherry Logistics’ services.

One of our goals as company is to mitigate and reduce risks to your business with our in-house risk management program. Our third-party contractors are pre-screened and we require our third-party contractors to secure insurance policies that include the necessary endorsements required to protect your interests. We have the ability to verify proper coverage and track expirations and renewals. It is one of our many missions to reduce your insurance costs thanks to our extensive risk management department’s skill and knowledge of the industry, thus alleviating the burden of worry off of your company’s shoulders.

Cherry Logistics’s comprehensive insurance package offers you a degree of necessary protection in the event claims are made either by a client or an employee related to our work. Cherry Logistics will make every effort to keep you protected and manage claims on your behalf. Cherry Logistics has a literally saved its clients millions of dollars through Cherry Logistics’ comprehensive risk management and reduction efforts.

Keeping Your Business Protected

Many corporations don’t have the risk and loss management experience that is necessary to gauge the impact of a claim in order to keep them protected. Cherry Logistics’s skilled risk management team will help solve this by assisting your facility maintenance team on the finer points of safety and prevention. Our risk managers will meet with your management team to help identify potential losses, exposures, or issues with the property. A claim by only one employee can oftentimes result in the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars from the worker’s compensation claim. When the time calls, Cherry Logistics does what is right.   In that regard, Cherry Logistics will pick up appropriate tenders of defense and will protect your company in the unlikely event there is a claim related to our work. We will address the litigation process from the moment a pleading has been served. Our skilled risk management team has the knowledge needed to work the claim from initial discovery through case conclusion.

Cherry Logistics is one of the few known in industry to offer you in-house risk management. Other companies may tend to pass the buck, ignoring the qualifications of their subcontractors and leaving you exposed to a lawsuit. Be assured, if in the unfortunate event someone, be they a customer or an employee, has an accident on your property, Cherry Logistics will be there to handle the issue every step of the way. That’s how Cherry Logistics delivers as the performance leader.

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