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Integrated Facilities Maintenance Services

Integrated Facilities Maintenance

Cherry Logistics prides itself on performance leadership in facilities maintenance. Through the years we have managed and delivered countless facilities maintenance services to many Fortune 100 companies, including financial institutions, grocery stores and restaurants. Our expert knowledge, trusted reliability, quality practices and Performance Leader Guarantee have contributed to our success and the success of our clients. We understand the importance of keeping your facilities safe, clean and efficient and we deliver reliable, consistent maintenance, site visits, a 24/7 live call center, and weather service.

Customized Service Programs to Fit Your Needs

By centralizing and consolidating your corporate maintenance services, you can enhance each service, reduce paperwork and streamline processes. Our dedicated team at Cherry Logistics will customize a service program, implementing cost effective measures that are sure to benefit you and your organization. We value our customer relationships as critical links to running our business successfully.

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