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Emergency Actions Response

Superior Emergency Response Solutions

Our custom Emergency Actions Response services called CLEAR, offers excellent emergency services for severe weather facility damage. These events can cause extensive business interruptions without adequate solutions in place. The Cherry Logistics CLEAR team is comprised of experienced business emergency management professionals. This team coordinates our network of emergency service technicians and supplies them with the specialized equipment necessary to protect and restore your business to normal operation in an expedited manner.

These CLEAR team services include:

  • Damage assessment and clean-up
  • Specialized equipment and contractor procurement
  • Flood response and remediation
  • Dry ice procurement and distribution for product preservation
  • Emergency power systems and equipment
  • Battery operated, portable and temporary lighting systems
  • Portable, temporary and emergency cooling / heating systems
  • Dehumidification equipment
  • Portable air moving equipment
  • Refrigerated Trailers and temporary refrigerated walk-in boxes
  • Waste dumpsters and debris removal
  • Engine powered pumps, front end loaders and construction equipment
  • Lot and site sweeping
  • Floor and janitorial cleaning

This complete disaster recovery package will return your business to working order with speed and proficiency. Our support crews work only with top of the line equipment and will remain accessible and in communication with you throughout any disaster recovery project. These expert teams are educated in the best ways to restore any property damaged by a weather event or equipment failure and after the initial assessment of the damage, they will promptly secure the necessary resources for an expedited restoration.

The CLEAR team will immediately begin the connection or application of the specialized equipment as soon as it arrives on site. All water from storms or any natural disaster will be cleared with high-tech pumps capable of moving thousands of gallons of water per minute.

Cherry Logistics’s extensive transportation network can have any assets required for recovery on-site with speed and efficiency. Be it generators, dryers, lights, dehumidifiers or the professionals required to operate them, the CLEAR team will service any customer’s location with care and proficiency. That’s just the level of response you receive when you work with the performance leader.

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