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HVAC Service

Cherry Logistics knows how important it is to have a comfortable and energy efficient facility. That’s why our Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC), services are only handled by expert technicians who understand your equipment.

During extreme weather, your HVAC systems are vital to maintaining an environment conducive to your business. Cherry Logistics keeps your facility comfortable and operating at peak efficiency by offering you our complete HVAC services package delivered by our team of experienced and insured HVAC professionals. We provide energy efficient heating and cooling equipment, proper sizing and selection, scheduled air filter replacement, emergency services and complete preventive and predictive maintenance to reduce your energy costs.

Each member of our HVAC contractor pool has years of expertise in field service and support. They will work with you to prepare your facility for the installation of the required equipment and make sure your installation is in compliance with all local regulations. Our technicians will inspect, clean, test and verify the equipment and systems are operating at maximum efficiency. This helps prevent system failures, keeps your facility and products at the temperature you desire, and saves money on energy expenses. We implement cleaning procedures to maintain the air quality in your facility, ensuring comfort and productivity.

Cherry Logistics offers bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly facilities maintenance programs as well as 24/7 emergency service. We can help you choose the HVAC contract that will provide the maximum benefit for your facility.

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