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Lighting Services

Providing a Well-Lit and Comfortable Environment

Cherry Logistics understands improper lighting in the workplace can lead to physical and psychological stress. Workers often rate “poor lighting” as a main workplace concern. Cherry Logistics offers you a comprehensive Lighting Services package that is installed and maintained by technicians with the expertise necessary to maximize your facility’s potential. This lighting services package includes:

  • Energy efficient, high value lighting equipment
  • Experienced, qualified and insured lighting technicians
  • Proper sizing and selection of fixtures that enhance your facility
  • Environmental consideration for ambient lighting
  • Task lighting to highlight appropriate areas

Cherry Logistics utilizes a network of expert lighting contractors, each of whom has years of experience in service and support and has been qualified by Cherry Logistics. They will work with you in the installation of fixtures and make sure your output levels are in compliance with all local regulations. Our experts will also help in the maintenance of existing systems, inspecting each component to verify it is producing light at maximum efficiency.

Our professionals know how to use your existing environment to enhance your interior business lighting. Existing surfaces are taken into consideration in constructing efficient task lighting and ambient lighting. The lighting technician will then provide you with the appropriate LED or fluorescent system. These systems naturally highlight appropriate areas and ensure your property always retains maximum visibility. The proper illumination level for your facility is determined using the color of the room and furnishings, as well as the style of any existing fixtures.

Whether you’re looking to install an entirely new system or maintain a current one, when you work with Cherry Logistics, you’re working with the Performance Leader.

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