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Professional Window Cleaning and Power Washing

Professional Window Cleaning and Power Washing Services to Keep Your Exterior Looking Brand New

Cherry Logistics understands it is vital to have a clean exterior to present a professional face for your company. Our Window Cleaning and Power Washing services will keep your property exteriors looking brand new. Cherry Logistics provides:

  • State-of-the-art, high-pressure window cleaning equipment
  • Quality, experienced and insured cleaning teams
  • Dedicated technicians to offer the highest standards
  • Cleaning of awnings, gutters and all building exteriors
  • Professional removal of gum, graffiti and dirt from sidewalks
  • A guarantee that your exterior remains clean and fresh
  • Non-abrasive, streak-free, hand window cleaning
  • A choice of bi-monthly, monthly and quarterly programs
  • Outstanding professional customer service

Making sure your exteriors are professionally washed and serviced is not only important for maintaining appearances, but for keeping your property well preserved and functional. Stopping exterior abrasives such as dirt and moss from collecting on the sides of your building will save you a great deal in future maintenance costs. Cherry Logistics’s window washing experts can remove signs of dirt accumulation and corrosion to maximize your property’s “curb appeal.”

Also, window cleaning handled by inexperienced technicians can suffer from streaks, stains and surface destruction. That’s why Cherry Logistics only works with accredited professionals with years of expertise in handling the equipment. They understand each property is unique and requires a specific blend of chemical solutions and water temperatures. We work with those who have truly mastered the art of surface cleaning and our project coordinators understand the specifics since they have experience working in the field.

Washing windows and keeping your exteriors clean is important for those both inside and outside of your facility. Cherry Logistics’s experts employ a non-abrasive, streak-free, hand window cleaning system that ensures your customers will always have a great view. You won’t have to worry about a gradual accumulation of specks or scratches. Windows bring in sunshine, help heat your facility and augment your interior lighting, so Cherry Logistics makes sure they’re kept clear.

Cleaning experts will examine your building down to the last detail. Working with the finest equipment on the market, they will ensure your gutters remain free of debris and flow properly. In addition, all sidewalks and other walkways will be monitored for trash, dirt and graffiti, which will be removed as it appears.

Our window cleaning and power washing package offers exceptional services by a skilled team of experts.

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