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Snow Removal Services

Protecting You from Weather Damage

Snow and ice removal service is our specialty. With a team of experts, Cherry Logistics offers outstanding performance and customer service. Our comprehensive snow removal package ensures your facilities are protected and will never be caught off guard by an impromptu storm. This includes:

  • 24 hour centralized dispatch
  • Round-the-clock weather monitoring by on-staff meteorologists
  • One contact number with all calls answered by our operations team
  • Periodic site visits to access service standards
  • Store visits during and after storms
  • Site maps logged for each location
  • Thorough communication to Regional Facilities Managers and Site Managers before and after snow event

Cherry Logistics’s on-staff meteorologists are continually monitoring forecasts in each client’s area, assuring service providers are prepared and on-site when you need them. Our dispatch center is in constant communication with our contractors and available 24/7 to customers. You may contact our team with any questions. We understand accessibility is a priority to you. The inability to reach a provider in a crisis can be very frustrating. With Cherry Logistics, will never face this issue!

Our weather monitoring process also allows our team to coordinate site visits during and after storms—the most vital time window for snow removal. This data is then used to enhance our existing site maps and determine how to best service your facility in the future.

Our staff of experts offers a personal touch with periodic site visits to verify each contractor is meeting the Cherry Logistics Performance Leader standards. If your provider is late, pavement is damaged or snow is piling up, our leadership team will personally rectify the issues at hand.

Our performance standards guarantee all Regional Facilities Mangers and Site Managers will be satisfied by the level of care they receive from our snow removal experts. We understand your expectations and work hard to offer rapid solutions whenever necessary.

Please continue to review this section to learn more specifics regarding our snow removal specifications, offerings and snow removal team of experts.

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