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Weather Forecasting

Benefits of Weather Consulting Services

Any business whose operations are either directly or indirectly affected by the weather can benefit from our services. Our clients include paving companies, snow removal companies, photographers, college campuses, park districts, sports teams, automotive detailers, general contractors, landscaping companies, roofers, property managers, public works departments, masonry contractors, golf courses, farmers and retail stores.

The Value of Our On-Staff, Weather Forecasting Meteorologists

Whether your business is small or large, Cherry Logistics provides each client with the same highly personalized customer service. Our on-staff meteorologists are always available to answer your questions, no matter your weather forecasting needs.

Additionally, many other weather consulting companies charge extra for daily operational forecasts, severe weather monitoring and certified snowfall totals after winter weather events. We provide everything you need in one package at a very competitive price.

Rather than relying on the standard weather predictions from a local news service or weather website, Cherry Logistics’s weather services provide access to location specific forecasts required for your business operations and facilities maintenance. Our packages offer:

  • Localized weather information for your facilities, before, during and after the storm
  • 24/7 weather consultation by our expert meteorologists
  • Facility-specific snow totals we gather snow totals from the closest NOAA certified weather reporting stations—ranging from 1-20 miles. Our billing process is based on NOAA snow accumulations for each local area
  • Thaw and refreeze information for liability purposes

Our On-Staff Meteorologists

Eric Szos—Chief Meteorologist

Jodi Wright—Meteorologist

The Important Difference between Our Weather Forecasting and Online Weather Information

The weather information you obtain on the internet or from the media is generalized for your area. In reality, the weather can often vary quite a bit in different parts of a metropolitan area. Most businesses need a forecast that is more site and time specific, so they know what kind of weather will happen at a given location during a given time frame. With state of the art computer models and other tools, we are able to provide that for you.

Weather Service Packages

Your profits and your business’ success are directly tied to being able to predict when and where extreme weather is happening in your local region. Forecasting where services will be needed during winter storms is a challenge our weather service team has tackled routinely season after season.

Partner with Cherry Logistics weather service to ensure up to the minute information from weather experts who you can depend on. Don’t leave this important element of your business to chance.

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