Services Overview

Cherry Logistics is the leader in facilities maintenance services. Our comprehensive services are provided only by accredited and approved professionals who consistently deliver on your expectations. We integrate into your day-to-day business operations seamlessly. In fact, our services are so engrained in our clients’ facilities management strategy that most are unable to distinguish our contributions from any other part of their business. Give us the opportunity to demonstrate why we offer a unique Performance Leader Guarantee!

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Superior Record of Performance

Cherry Logistics is currently managing subcontractors that provide preventative and corrective maintenance on irrigation systems, parking lots, power washing, re-lamping, and general facilities maintenance. We have routine and special landscaping projects in our portfolio.   We also deliver repairs on various types of asphalt and concrete.  Each of these services is provided with environmental awareness and guidance from LEED reference materials. Earning LEED accreditation is an active pursuit with current integration in our day-to-day operations.

Facilities Risk Management

Do business risks and liabilities, even the threat of a potential lawsuit, keep you up at night? Our facilities risk management experts will alleviate those concerns and minimize your exposure to liability. Cherry’s team of experts will assist your facility maintenance team with their safety and prevention efforts and help identify potential losses, exposures, or issues with each property.

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Facilities Maintenance


Cherry Logistics has over 10 years of corporate experience providing snow removal, ice control and landscaping services. We provide full facilities maintenance services for commercial clients with multiple locations.  Cherry Logistics was founded in 2003 as a snow removal service. In the last decade, we have become a premier provider of consolidated facilities maintenance services displaying expertise in each category.

Size & Growth

Senior leadership at Cherry Logistics is committed to quality service and has been since 2003. That uncompromising commitment is demonstrated by a record of strict conformance on all contracts. Our past performance has been the catalyst for a decade of consistent annual growth rate of not less than 20%. This exponential growth is coupled with an impressive customer retention rate of 95%. This retention is attributable to our strict contract compliance, timely services, and quality assurance surveillance plans.

Expertise & Discounts

Business Process re-engineering is a regular practice at Cherry Logistics. We continually monitor our business processes for inefficiencies and work to streamline them. Re-engineering our existing processes to reduce labor hours, enhance customer service, and eliminate inefficiencies has reduced our costs and allowed pricing discounts for our customers.

Adaptability & Innovation

Cherry Logistics provides innovative solutions during rapidly changing weather conditions. We have worked to extend our technical capacity to quickly respond during emergencies that expose our customer’s facilities to serious risk. Our emergency response team is trained to adapt and provide innovative solutions during times of crisis.

Our service offerings include:

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Weather Services

Looking for professional weather services tailored for your business? We provide accurate weather information adapted for your location, facilities and day-to-day business operations.

Our packages include:

  • Localized weather information
  • 24/7 weather consultation
  • Facility-specific snow totals
  • Thaw and refreeze information

Our in-house meteorologists are degreed graduates and have worked for television networks and weather reporting services. Cherry’s meteorologists are recognized leaders in their field. You can count on them to bring a wealth of experience and reliability to weather forecasting.

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Commercial Construction Services (CCS)

Cherry Logistics delivers a wide range of construction solutions specific to retail facilities, professional offices and commercial operations. We provide services through qualified vendors that undergo a rigorous accreditation process and are highly skilled in their trade.

Following is a partial list of services offered to our clients:

  • Commercial Renovation
  • Interior and Exterior Repair and Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Carpentry
  • Erosion Control
  • Masonry
  • And, much more…

From concept and design through final clean-up, Cherry Logistics is here to help you with your construction project needs. We have been challenged to provide simple services (small rodent removal, hang dry wall, simple installs) up to very complex emergency services that stabilize a facility and even groups of facilities after disastrous events.

There is no limitation of what we are willing to provide when requested.

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Winter Deicing – Purchase Salt

We have a reliable, cost-efficient plan for your winter deicing products. With this a great deal of your time and attention will be shifted from keeping up material supplies to maintaining an appropriate level of focus on service operations.

Cherry Logistics can provide that service, making your job less difficult! At Cherry, we believe the entire process should be streamlined. We continually monitor our workflow to improve it in order reduce costs.  As a result, the purchaser enjoys low prices from order placement to transportation and delivery of the product through to each of your desired staging locations.

Consider these following three essentials before you select a winter deicing product.

  1. Find a supplier like Cherry Logistics that will provide bulk product delivery to each of your staging locations.
  2. Look for the most competitive pricing without a required minimum purchase in excess of your need.
  3. Insist on experience in deicing product supply management.

Don’t delay preparations for the approaching ice and snow. Take steps now to secure a salt product from Cherry Logistics that will help you supply the level of service you are known for providing to your customer – the facilities owner.

Order your winter deicing products today!