Cherry Logistics Services

Cherry Logistics prides itself on performance leadership in facilities maintenance. We understand the importance of keeping your facilities safe, clean and efficient. That’s why we deliver reliable service, consistent maintenance, site visits, a 24/7 live call center, access to expert knowledge, and quality practices that conform to our guarantee as a performance leader.

Our service offerings include:

Our unique Performance Leader Guarantee ensures you’ll never face sacrificed quality if you choose to expand your service package. Cherry Logistics employees and suppliers get the job done on time, whether it is interior or exterior and they work hard to provide you with safe and reliable facilities. In the rare occurrence that a problem or accident arises, our company minimizes your risk by limiting and managing your liability through a comprehensive insurance package. In the event of any customer accidents, you won’t have to take the fall.

Expert Knowledge

Whichever service you need, all of our work is overseen by a diverse group of experts with years of experience in their field. Every member of our project leadership team has a career history of working on both sides of the field. They understand the solutions which can be deployed to counter any problems which occur during facilities maintenance. Each member of our leadership team offers years of experience in varied industries, including retail facilities management, insurance, HVAC, landscaping, snow removal, restaurant, electrical, commercial real estate, transportation logistics and meteorology.