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New Carrier


Cherry Logistics Global Services is a separate entity from Cherry Logistics Corporation.

Want to partner with a company that has YOUR company goals in mind?  “Cherry’s Got You Covered.”

We put the “Logic” back in Logistics.

Our goal is to be your partner of choice by offering opportunities for your empty equipment today, or keeping all your power units operating all year, not just in peak seasons. Whether you have one truck or 500 we want to be the partner that your company and drivers can count on.

  • Reverse Selling Model: obtaining lanes/opportunities in the areas YOUR team needs to reduce EMPTY MILES
  • Offering quick pay solutions
  • 24/7 Communication Channels
    • Multiple methods of communication for your ease and ensure your safety while operating a truck
    • Auto tracking – so you can keep your eyes on the road and not on your phone
  • Single point of contact within the organization to get the best solutions for your company and limit unnecessary communication

Phone: (630) 859-3308
Toll Free: (855) 7-CHERRY